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Hair: The Sombre

Ombre and Balayage (ombre + highlights) have been all the rage over the past few years. They are easy to maintain as the roots are not usually dyed so they can grow out, no problem. These styles are also summery with the lighter shades. But they can be quite striking and some people want to opt for something a little more subdued. Enter the Sombre (or subtle ombre) where the shift in colors is, as the name suggests, very subtle. Which is exactly what I want. I've been a proponent of "you get what you pay for" so I don't mind shelling out a little more for a good hairstyle. Having moved to the East Coast, I had to look for a new stylist in NY and found Roy Ren on Yelp. I went to him with a overly sunned (a.k.a too yellow) balayage look, and asked him to tone it down. He was very accomondating and 1.5 hours later, here is what I got. Note: Sombre, ombre and balayage all look so much better wavy, to futher hide the transition of colors and make it more natural. 

Here is how my hair turned out, I originally have black Asian hair. 

So I was really happy with the colors! I like how there is some balayage left, but the colors look very natural and for me, very conservative-workplace appropriate. 

Thanks for reading!




I'm back! And with something special...Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies in Horizon Glitter

Hello everyone. So it has been over a year since my last post. A lot has happened in the meantime, but I did miss posting on this blog.

To help celebrate, I'd like to share with you one of my favorite purchases so far! 

First a few teaser pics. :P Bear with me...


Here she is...Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies in Horizon Glitter 100mm! I adore sparkly things and I love the galaxy-like pattern on these! They fit true to size for me, similar to the regular Pigalle 100mm and I have medium width feet. The thin heel is a little of a challenge, but since these aren't the 120mm height it won't be terrible. (Drag the image to your address bar if you'd like to see a larger photo)

Here are some more photos. If you like them, a limited size selection is available at the CL website and Net-A-Porter (where I got my pair)

Thanks for letting me share! Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the shoe or Pigalle Follies style. I'd be happy to help.

Much Love,



Let's Do Some Good and get some Good: Give used clothes to Nordstrom's Fashion Project!

While browsing the Nordstrom for some new dresses, I inadvertently clicked on a link that brought me to Nordstrom's Fashion Project and I'm glad I did. It is a clothing and accessories donation program that gives you a little something too (aside from that fuzzy feeling you get for getting something good. You get a $40 Nordies gift card for every 5 items you donate that is on the approved brands section, which originally sold for at least $50 per piece. They accept brands like BCBG, J Crew, 7FAM and hundreds more! I know $40 isn't a lot, but it is something and you get to choose ANY charity to donate to. I sometimes sell stuff on eBay, but it is quite tedious to do it one by one.

So you send in your things via your own box (they provide shipping labels). Or you can ask them to send you 2 heavy duty shipping bags with labels already on. I went for the second option and here is the box with its contents:

Click here for more information and to go to the Nordstrom Fashion Project website.

I've already set aside 10 items, mostly tops and old denim to give. And there is more space for new summer things!





Just-a Stopping By-a J. Crew: Few more reviews

I got off early-ish from my OB-GYN rotation and I found a J.Crew not too far from the hospital. Score! They had the same extra 40% sale items going on. There was a pretty good selection, but nothing much to my liking. Here are the few pieces I tried on. 

J. Crew Pleated Short in Cotton Pique $59.50 HERE (On sale for $39.99 - 40%) -- Size 0

This is usually what happens with pleated shorts for me. It balls up in the front and makes me look like I am wearing a diaper. If you have slimmer hips, these will add a little bit of curve without poofing. If you have wider hips like mine, no dice. The material is nice and thick though and the color is fantastic. Passed.

J. Crew Scallop Crepe Dress $168 HERE (On sale for $119.99 - 40% off) -- Size 00

Cute. Fit well, with weight material. It is low-cut and a bit too long for my taste. Pass.

J. Crew Embroidered Tunic in Stripe $128 HERE (On sale for $89.99 - 40% off) -- Size XXS looks like I am wearing a night dress. Fits really large, size down. Slits along sides too high to let you wear this as a shirtdress. Passed. 

So nothing for me at J. Crew today. I did leave my pager in the dressing room and the SA found me in another store to return it to me! Very nice of him

Love, Kim



Memorial Day Shopping Part 2: Bloomingdales Dresses and More! (Plus discounts...)

So for the second part of this series, I'd like to share my Bloomingdales experience and haul.

Let me preface that by saying, I had never shopped at Bloomingdales. I find their selection less impressive than Saks of NM. Plus they don't carry Christian Louboutin or Chanel. But I stopped by today, just to see what they had in store. I acutally planned to buy these dresses even without knowing the possible discounts. First you get a $50 gift card for every $200 receipt you spend. Plus I got an extra 20% off because I opened a Bloomingdales store card with them today. I think I saved over $200 and I was ecstatic! This promo runs until tomorrow, so if you read this in time, I hope you get your discounts! 

Now on to the wares. I've been pretty stressed lately with school, applying for residency and recent breakup :(. So what better way to get back on my feet with a little retail therapy. I am going to Vegas twice in July, so I'll need some dresses to glam it up!

P.S. Bloomingdales your dressing rooms are so dirty! There were stains all over the carpet and a rolled up tissue paper on the floor (which is in pretty much all my pictures eh...)

Parker Shelby Dress $275 -- Size XS



This dress is everything!!! I love prints, especially done in bright colors. Sometimes it can get overwhelming and too "beachy", but the black piping adds a little edge to the dress and makes it more appropriate for nights out. I also love the fit and flare cut of this dress with the halter style top. It is extremely comfortable as well, which is rare for a clubby-type dress. The material is light, but sturdy with a little stretch. 

BUT and a huge BUT... was that the dress was too roomy on the waist area. As you all know, I like showing off my waist the most and this was a dealbreaker for me. However, alterations were called down and this grumpy old man helped fix the dress! I don't care if he was grumpy, if he has the skills to fix my dress I am A-OK with him!

Here are a few more pictures of the large waist and the pins taking the waist in.



Crisis averted for an extra $35. Hope it turns out well! I am really in love with this dress!

MILLY Strappy Dress in Astr $295 -- Size 0

I was not expecting to get this dress. I tried it on for "funsies." I mean look at it, it looks like your typical run-of-the-mill blue sundress that you can get anywhere right? Wrong. I was wrong. First, the quality of the fabric is second to none. It is weighty and very soft. And it fits like a dream. This dress hugs you snugly on the torso, sucks you in with boning and flares out. But it doesn't just flare out like a simple A-line. There are pleats and extra fabric to create a more voluminous skirt. Unbelievable. Like a subdued ballerina. The second I tried it on, I thought to myself, "Uh-oh, I'm going to need this."

Quick note: This dress is not the same color as in the stock picture. The blue is a little darker and the stripes are very fine, more like a narrow pinstripe pattern. 

No alterations needed on this baby, purchased!

Aqua Stripe Lace Full Skirt Dress $128 -- Size XS

I really liked the striped pattern alternating with lace. There is a lining underneath, but the dress remains a tad sheer. I think it would work with nude undergarments. It fit pretty well, but after trying on the dress before, I could not pull the trigger on this one. Passed.

Aqua Crochet Dress $88 -- Size XS

This dress was very stretchy and poorly made. There was no structure to it whatsoever and if I wear this out to eat anything this will probably show a little pooch. Passed.

Overall an excellent shopping day at Bloomies! I wanted to get some shoes as well, but I'm saving my dough for Sak's amazing shoe sale! Its going on now for all designers (30% off) and Chanel and CL will go on sale in 1-2 weeks from now. I'll keep you updated!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!




Memorial Day Shopping Part 1: J. Crew Sale Finds and Reviews

Hello readers! It has been awhile, sorry about that. I have been so busy with medical school that blogging has taken a back seat.

But I did have the whole Memorial day weekend off and a day to relax and shop around. There are amazing sales going on right now so lets start with one of our favorite stores: J Crew!

J Crew was having 40% off extra on sale items, but it was FINAL SALE only.

J Crew Cotton Pique Lace Dress $158 (On sale for $119.99 - 40%) - Size 00



This dress looked just okay on the hanger, but looked so much better when I tried it on! The fit was great, if not a little tight. I like fit and flare dresses as they whittle my waist and hide my hips so this dress was exactly what I was looking for. The material is a thicker cotton, that isn't at all see through (I am wearing a teal bra, but you don't notice it). Length is perfect at 3 inches above my knee. I am 5'5" for reference. Comes in yellow too. Purchased!


J Crew Knit Sleeveless Dress $158 (On sale for $119.99 - 40%) - Size 00

I needed a work dress and this definitely fit the bill. The fit was great. The front panel is like a knit material and the navy section is stretchier, similar to scuba material, but thinner. It is body skimming, so may not hide lumps and bumps as well as some other cuts. I felt it was quite flattering and cute with the little ruffled flare on the bottom. The length is appropriate as well coming 1 inch above my knee.


J Crew Lace-Stripe Skirt $98 (On sale for $69.99 - 40% off) Size 0

I wished this skirt worked for me. The bright canary color was beautiful, with the last close-up image of the skirt most accurately depicting the super saturated yellow hue. Unfortunately the materal was a bit stiff and the skirt was one size too large for me. The store had sold out of 00. Otherwise, the fit was great and POCKETS! I am wearing it with a J. Crew sweater that I will review next. Passed on the skirt. 


J Crew Merino Baseball Sweater in Scallop Intarsia $89.50 (On sale for $69.99 - 40%) Size XS

This sweater is very thin, which makes it very sheer. It also has a boxier shape and fits large. I would take one size down from your regular size. Passed.


J Crew Toothpick Jean in Tux Stripe $130 (On sale for $59.99 - 40%) Size 26


Last is an army green denim with candy cane stripes. I don't really know why I tried this on because I didn't like the color/pattern of this pant. It fit much like the regular J. Crew denim, which is quite snug on the thighs. Passed. 

That's it for J. Crew ladies! Hope you enjoy the rest of Memorial Day weekend!




Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...unless you are the original

I hope this post doesn't come of as snobbish or what not, it is just to blow off some steam. 

So I love Zara, they make trendy clothing, shoes and accessories at an affordable price. Often their items are pretty well-crafted. I shop there, enjoy their wares and if a stain doesn't come off a dress, I can just toss it without stress.

However, because I have been getting in Christian Louboutins recently, I have noticed that many of their shoes are nealy exact copies of the original designer version. No big deal you might say? Well, you may be right. But it does strike a nerve when the shoes you paid $800 a few months ago for is available for $80 at Zara. I'll post some examples as well. I know I shouldn't complain as I am very lucky to have what I have and if you compared the two shoes side-by-side, the craftmanship and yadda yadda would stand out. But aesthetically to the untrained eye, they will look very, very similar. I have no problem with people purchasing the said Zara shoes at all, not judging. This is more on Zara for blatantly copying a style. That's what is difficult about fashion, you can't really own your ideas bar a few instances. 

Honestly, I don't know exactly why I am annoyed. I hope it isn't haughtiness or snobbery, because my mom didn't raise my that way. Can someone explain?

Louboutin Corneille Slingback vs. Zara Pointy Toe Slingback


Rent the Runway: Realtime Review (Part 1)

Hello readers!

Have any of you tried Rent the Runway or RTR? I have once in the past and vaguely remember a good experience. Well I am heading to Vegas for my birthday and decided why not swank it up with some fancy dresses.

One of the best deals on RTR is their selection of Herve Leger dresses. They have about 30 dresses of varying colors, designs and lengths, but all have that signature banded style. They range from $100-$200 for 4 days, which is perfect for a weekend trip. With each dress order, you get to select 2 sizes. Best of all, if you rent one dress, the second (lower priced) one is $25! 

So here is a real-time review in multiple stages. Right now I am submitting my order for 2 Herve Leger dresses, both in shades of pink. 

Here are my choices:

"Guys Kind of Girl" Dress $160 + $5 insurance 

"Heartbreaker" Dress $125 (but effectively $25!) + $5 insurance

Sounds like a great deal right? And I think it is. One worry I have though is that these dresses have been rented and used maybe 20-30 times! How does it hold up with all that stretching and dry cleaning? I'm worried that they might be overstretch or not have that "sucking in" effect that Herve is known for. Oh well, only time will tell!


So for both dresses (and an extra bracelet I rented, yes you can rent jewelry too!) The total came out to $235.77! I will post Part 2 in the beginning of November when my dresses arrive!

Oh and don't forget to save! Enter 20OFFNEXT88YR3 on the promo box to save $20 off your next $100+ purchase and use eBates for 3.5% cash back!