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Outfit of the Day: Boho?

I am not a true fan of the boho chic look. It looks great on other people, but personally the outfits look frumpy/peasanty on me. But once in a while I like to incorporate a piece of the bohemian in my closet. My entire outfit (sans the bracelet and bag) cost less than $100 from jeans to shoes. Here is what I am wearing today:

Top: Nordstrom B.P.

Jeans: YMI

Shoes: Chinese Laundry Tease Me

Bracelet: Kate Spade

Necklaces: Random ones from eBay/F21

Purse: Chanel Baby Cabas

I really like the cut of the shirt. It is flowy, soft and is longer in the back (for propriety while sitting/bending down). The Ikat print is cute too. I think I bought it for under $15! I love steals!

What do you think? Does this not count as bohemian? 

Thanks for reading!





Mail's Here!

Hello readers! I apologize for the scant number of entries this week. I have med finals coming up and have been trying to devote every second of time that I have to studying! But everyone needs a break sometime so I'd like to share with you my recent purchase.

Recently (February 1st) some crazy person at Chanel decided it was a great idea to raise prices of their classic purses by around 15%. For example, the Jumbo size jumped from $4,300 to $4,900 before tax. That is WAY too much for a bag. Rumor has it that they want to peg the price at $7,000 or more for each flap within the next couple of years. Some silly thing of competing with Hermes or whatever. I love Chanel flaps, but do not have the financial backing to love them tangibly. Maybe after I start working?

For more information on Chanel purses, check out this entry: here

Anyway, I also liked the older design of the Jumbo flaps with only a single flap instead of with the added inner one it has now. I don't see any benefit to adding the extra piece. It simply makes the bag heavier and more cumbersome to use. I wanted an everyday bag so i thought caviar would be for me.

Since I wasn't about to shell out nearly five grand for a purse, I decided to go preowned, through eBay. Though many sellers are honest, there are some on eBay that are filthy scammers, even if they sound nice and innocent through email. If you do not have much knowledge about the bag, please do some research on what the bag should look like EXACTLY and enlist help from the ladies (and gents!) of Purseforum. They will be happy to authenticate for you. You can also send me the link/pics if you'd like and I could do my best to decipher and ask the ladies of Purseforum for you. 

So much talking and so few pictures. Well here they are!

I got the Chanel Jumbo in Black Caviar with Silver Hardware. I really wanted an everyday bacg that could withstand some use. Caviar is wonderful at retaining its texture and resisting scratches. Silver hardware gives it a more casual vibe compared to gold. The bag is preowned, so there are some light scratches on the CC clasp, which is inevitable. Also there is a small bump just behind the top of the flap, which is a little annoying, but not noticable from the front. I knew I wasn't going to get a pristine bag since I bought it preowned so I am still very happy with it!

Thanks for reading and letting me share. What are your favorite everyday bags?




Review: Sephora by OPI Chic Prints for Nails and Sally Hansen Salon Effects

In preparation for Vegas, I wanted to decorate my nails bright and sparkly. I purchased Sephora's Chic Prints For Nails - Nail Appliques a few weeks back as they were on sale for $5 per pack. The designs were absolutely gorgeous and I picked the Gold Star design to apply. It seemed simple enough. Just warm the sticker and attach to nail. File of the excess and voila! Beautiful golden nails with embossed stars! Right? Wrong! These were impossible to apply. The sticker does not stretch or flex so it does not contour to your nail, forming bubbles and folds. The adhesive is literally like a sticker and does not adhere to nails very well. And filing the excess? Even with a metal file, the sticker would not break. I had to use a nail clipper to cut of the extra length. I am extremely disappointed in this product and even more disappointed in myself for buying so many of them. Here are some pictures to explain my frustration:

Stay away from this product. I still wanted my nails done so I raided my nail drawer for another polish or pattern. I found my Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips and decided to try them on. 

The Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips were wonderful and very easy to apply. The strips were very flexible and stretched to fit the nail without bubbles and dents. The excess was easy to file off and the appliques that were once flexible hardened to adhere to the nail. Amazing! They also give 16 strips, 8 in each mini containter and I only used one set of them for both hands. The strips are pretty long and one of them can be used for both nails if your tips aren't too long. Here are my pictures and results.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in 140 Check it Out, a houndstooth pattern

I only showed one set of 8 strips in the next image:

Not too shabby eh? 

And of course being me and in Vegas-mode, I had to add my little touch of sparkle somewhere so I topped the applique off with silver glitter tips care of Milani Jewel FX in 533 Silver

Not to bad. The whole process took around 20 minutes. I layered a coat of clear polish to help the manicure last longer. So in summary, Sephora Chic Prints for Nails: NO WAY and for Sally Hansen Salon Effects: a resounding YES!




D-I-Y: Glitter Soles

This is my first DIY entry. I am all for shopping and buying new things, but sometimes the items you want are already in your closet and just need a few alterations. I also like DIY projects because you can customize it to fit your preferences. Want a little more ribbon there? Or a fewer crystals there? No problem. I hope you enjoy this set of entries!

I love adding a little (more like a lot) of sparkle to my outfits and life. One of my favorite shoe styles are glittered or sequined pumps. However, I wanted a toned down version of that shoe, so I thought, "Why not glitter the sole?" Glitter takes a bit of a back seat here, but is definitely still noticable, especially while walking. This is an easy 1st DIY project so let's get started!


1. Pair of pumps or sandals - I used a pair of pink suede pumps.

2. Chunky glitter nail polish - I used Milani Jewel FX polish in 531 Gold



1. Flip your shoe over and start painting crazy with the glitter polish. Even thought you don't cover all the spaces with glitter, don't worry, we will paint on another coat. Paint the back of the heel and the sloping part of the sole. Don't paint the parts that comes in contact with the floor. 

2. Try to make sure the coat is even and pay special attention to the edges and back of the heel.

3. Let first coat dry for 10 minutes.

4. Paint the second coat on. Try to cover blank areas and keep coat even. Once again pay special attention to edges.

5. Paint the tip of the heel (all around the heel cap).

Work in progress:

That's it! It takes around 20 minutes of work and is hopefully free if you have all the materials.


What do you think? I adore the pink and gold combination. Experiment with different glitter colors, shoes and even patterns of glitter! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!




DineLA: RH at the Andaz

I love trying new things and going to new places. DineLA is an event where hundreds of LA restaurants offer a prefix menu at a discounted price to lure new patrons. Last night the bf and I were craving some Euro-American food so we made reservations at the RH at Andaz Hotel. The prefix menu was a 3 course dinner for $34, quite reasonable for the ambiance and quality of food. The restaurant was trendy, dimly lit with an architecture of glass, stone and leather. We ate early, at 6:00PM so only a few other tables were filled and the noise was down to a minimum. The kitchen is in the middle of the restaurant and is open for everyone to view. I liked having a glimpse of how my food was being prepared. Without further ado, here is what we ordered:


Vegetable Platter with a Cream/Tart Dip: This was not tasty. The veggies were dry and had a musty taste to them. The dip was flavorless, just a hint of sourness. But hey, it was free. Ignore the eaten carrot, my dinner partner forgot that I wanted to take pictures.

Sourdough Bread with Salt and Pepper Butter: MMmmm the bread came out straight from the oven and was piping hot. The outside was so crisp white the inside was so soft and slighty chewy. Delicious! I had to restrain myself from accepting another piece from our kind waitress. The butter was topped with salt and pepper, pretty standard buttery butter.


Tortilla Soup: We ordered an extra dish outside the prefix because I love soup and have it at almost every meal. The soup was yummy. It was like a tortilla soup puree. They gave me soup in a bowl AND in a canteen. It was like drinking 3 bowls of soup. Filled my tummy even before the main course arrived. Oops.

Caesar Salad: Just your regular Caesar.

Mussels in White Whine Butter Sauce: This one was a knockout. The mussels were fresh and they gave quite a few! The sauce was light and a little salty, but still delicious! The mussels were covered in garlic, onion and herbs inside. 


Duck Confit with Wild Mushrooms, Fingerling Potatoes and Vegetables: This dish was wonderfully cooked and flavored. The duck was cooked crispy on the outside, but the inner meat was still moist and tender. The sauce was pretty good, not amazing, but complemented the duck well. The mushrooms were well cooked, but the potatoes were a little on the oily side

Risotto with Wild Mushrooms: This was my favorite! I love risotto in general and this was one of my tops! The rice was firm in texture and had a good resistance to my bite. It was creamy and cheesy. The mushrooms were abundant and delicious! The dish was topped with parmesan cheese. This was a BIG serving. I was struggling to finish it by the end. 


For dessert with both ordered the chocolate cake with raspberries, but were much to full to eat anymore so we just brought it home. I don't have pictures, but the cake was tasty. It was a nutty wafer-like bottom topped with a thick layer of chocolate (like a glorified kitkat bar? I'm sure I just offended the chef there...) and a side of raspberries with raspberry sauce. I liked it a lot and I don't even like sweets too much. 

All in all, the meal was definitely worth the $34 per person. Would it be worth $60-$70 per person? Hmm hard to say. I think $60 would be the maximum I would pay. The food was good, but not mind-blowingly good. Want mind-blowingly? Try La Folie in SF! Hope to find a similar French restaurant here.

Have you tried DineLA?




Hermosa Beach: Outfit of the Day

In a very non-winteresque fashion, the weather was a balmy 75 degrees in Los Angeles. The beautiful skies led me to flock to the beach. What could be better than sitting in a cafe by the sand and gentle sea breeze? The bf and I headed to Hermosa beach. The shore was full of Californians, young and old, playing beach volleyball, biking, rollerblading and simply enjoying life. The laid-back aura was infectious. This, by the way, was a spur of moment idea, so I was in no way dressed for the beach. I cuffed up my pants and blouse and hoped for the best.

Here is landscape:

Walking on the pier:


Walking by the shore:


Top: Ann Taylor Blouse

Jeans: 7 For All Mankind Roxanne Skinnies

Shoes: Tory Burch Patent Snakeskin Revas

Bag: Chanel Beige Clair Jumbo

In between walks we snacked on veggie sandwiches (never thought I'd like those) and lattes. It was a wonderful way to spend a slow Saturday afternoon.

How do you spend your lazy weekends?





Nails: Milani Glitter Polishes

It was a great day in school today so while skipping (well not literally skipping) home today, I decided to reward myself with a little manicure. I was bored with the few polishes I already had so I stopped by CVS. Initially, I wanted to use Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Nail Polish and I did get one in "Check It Out 240", a black and white houndstooth pattern. However a darker polish caught my eye. I left with Milani's One Coat Glitter Polish in Silver Dazzle and Milani's Jewel FX in Silver.

Here are the bottles and my results:

Milani One Coat Glitter in Silver Dazzle

Milani Jewel FX in Silver

Silver Dazzle has finer glitter particles in silver and black and these are incorporated in a blue-steel-gunmetal liquid. It is a beautiful color and dries to a matte finish with the sparkles shining. Think sandpaper with glitter. The dried texture is gritty, much like sandpaper. I will put a topcoat on to smoothen the finish. 

Jewel FX in silver contains chunky silver glitter incorporated in a clear polish. It is a great finishing touch to any color and I like to either swipe on a thin coat on top of a color polish for sparse and diffuse sparkle or concentrate them at the tip, much like the white tip of a french nail. Here is what I did today:

Not sure if you can notice the gritty, more matte texture of the polish. This picture was taken in sunlight.

The polish is a little darker than in pictures. Indoor:

Added a glitter tip:

Sorry the manicure is kind of messy. I haven't mastered the art of self-application yet. Glitter polishes are notoriously difficult to remove. I read if you soak a cottonball in nail polish remove and place it on top of the nail for a minute, it will soften the polish and make it easier to remove. I'll follow up after I remove the polish soon.





My Beauty Essentials: Eyes

I've been MIA for a little bit and I apologize, school has been picking up so I find myself curling up with notes instead of my blog (sad). I'd like to share with you my tried and tested beauty favorites and in this entry I'll start with stuff that goes around my eyes. When putting on my "going out" look, I spend the most time on my eyes. I love sparkle and my makeup is no exception. So without further ado, here are my eye beauty essentials.

Bloom Liquid Eyeliner:

Bloom is an Australian makeup brand and is not widely available in the US, but boy is the effort to obtain the liner worth it! This baby is my beauty staple. It is super pigmented and DOES NOT SMUDGE. I repeat it does not smudge. The liner is made up of a unique polymer that comes off with soap and water. It is waterproof to a certain extent (bawling over The Notebook is probably the most it can go). I have pretty sensitive skin and even when I sleep with my makeup on occasionally (whoops!) it does not irritate my eyelid or whatnot. Liquid liner is more tricky to apply than pencil liners, but it lasts much longer, DOES NOT SMUDGE (sorry, raccoon eyes are a pet peeve for me) and looks pretty sophisticated in my opinion. If I had to have one piece of cosmetics for the rest of my life, it would be this one. Hands down. I have 5-6 tubes stocked up just in case I can't find this in the future.

L'Oreal Extra Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner

This eyeliner is super pigmented as well and smudge factor is a minimum, but it still does leave a light film under your eyes if worn for long periods. I use this pencil to tightline my eyelash line and water line. It works well for me. It goes on pretty moist for ease, smoothness and if you want to smudge it a little and dries into a nearly immovable line. It is pretty pricey for a drugstore brand ($8-$10), but is a steal compared to lux brands ($35 for an eyeliner pencil, excuse me?!) and works much better as well. 

Urban Decay Eyeshadown Primer Potion

Swiped on:

Rubbed in:

Left: purple shadow without the Primer Potion    Right: With Primer Potion

This eyeshadow primer has a fanbase following and for good reason. It allows more eyeshadow to be deposited resulting in a richer color. Plus it holds everything in place. Before I used this product, my eyeshadow would go everywhere, but now I don't have to worry! 

Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara

I am a mascara junkie. I was not blessed with full, fluttering lashes so I have to find ways to get my fix. This drugstore mascara is not very volumizing or lengthening, but it holds a curl like no other. The light formula doesn't weigh down the lash and keeps that curve high. That is important for me since my lashes are so straight that there is no point in wearing mascara if they aren't curled. This gives me an enhanced natural look. If I want showstopper lashes, I use this mascara as a base (to hold my curl) and layer with...

Diorshow Mascara

Top: Diorshow Mascara    Bottom: Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara

This chubby tube holds an equally chubby brush that some might find inconvenient, but with a little practice you get used to it. This mascara adds volume and length without much clumping. It doesn't hold a curl too well however, so I layer it on top of my Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara

Sonia Kashuk Eyeshadow Quads:

Did I mention that I love sparkle? Well these shadows are super shimmery and have a good amount of color in them as well. These palettes are not typically for day use, but can be if a minimal swipe is applied. They have good staying power as well, especially over the UD Primer Potion. Sonia Kashuk makes a bunch of other quad colors, some not as shiny, so good news for those who enjoy a little more eyeshadow modesty than eye do, I mean I do. 

Well, those are my beauty essentials for my eyes! I've tried and tested literally hundreds of products and these are what I found best. I hope this was helpful to you and if you have any questions, send me a message or comment.

What eye makeup pieces can't you live without?