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Unif Dream Jumper Dress from Nasty Gal: Review and Alterations

I posted here about this gorgeous Unif Dream Jumper Dress when I purchased it from Nasty Gal online. The rainbow of shifting colors were beautiful and I loved the sheerness of the skirt as well as the length. The one qualm I had about it however, was the miniscule shorts underneath. I tried to think of a way to add a little more modesty to the dress.

First, here is the dress on me:

As you can see in the previous and next photos, the attached shorts underneath are REALLY tiny. They also bunch up in the crotch area, making me feel like I am wearing a diaper. Not flattering at all. 

So I decided to remove the shorts altogether. I was hoping to find a high waisted jersey skirt in a similar color, but to no avail. 

Instead I used a shaper skirt slip in a nude color underneath. I liked the formfitting style of the skirt as a contrast to the billowy maxiskirt layer.

Now I can confidently wear this dress out! I looks even more lovely in the sun as the material is slightly glimmery as well. I am wearing a size XS. The dress is still available at Nasty Gal in sizes XS, S and L. It is marked down from $148 to $74!

I paired this dress with gold flat ankle strap sandals and a gold crossbody bag. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!






D-I-Y: Glitter Soles

This is my first DIY entry. I am all for shopping and buying new things, but sometimes the items you want are already in your closet and just need a few alterations. I also like DIY projects because you can customize it to fit your preferences. Want a little more ribbon there? Or a fewer crystals there? No problem. I hope you enjoy this set of entries!

I love adding a little (more like a lot) of sparkle to my outfits and life. One of my favorite shoe styles are glittered or sequined pumps. However, I wanted a toned down version of that shoe, so I thought, "Why not glitter the sole?" Glitter takes a bit of a back seat here, but is definitely still noticable, especially while walking. This is an easy 1st DIY project so let's get started!


1. Pair of pumps or sandals - I used a pair of pink suede pumps.

2. Chunky glitter nail polish - I used Milani Jewel FX polish in 531 Gold



1. Flip your shoe over and start painting crazy with the glitter polish. Even thought you don't cover all the spaces with glitter, don't worry, we will paint on another coat. Paint the back of the heel and the sloping part of the sole. Don't paint the parts that comes in contact with the floor. 

2. Try to make sure the coat is even and pay special attention to the edges and back of the heel.

3. Let first coat dry for 10 minutes.

4. Paint the second coat on. Try to cover blank areas and keep coat even. Once again pay special attention to edges.

5. Paint the tip of the heel (all around the heel cap).

Work in progress:

That's it! It takes around 20 minutes of work and is hopefully free if you have all the materials.


What do you think? I adore the pink and gold combination. Experiment with different glitter colors, shoes and even patterns of glitter! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed!