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Rent the Runway: Realtime Review (Part 1)

Hello readers!

Have any of you tried Rent the Runway or RTR? I have once in the past and vaguely remember a good experience. Well I am heading to Vegas for my birthday and decided why not swank it up with some fancy dresses.

One of the best deals on RTR is their selection of Herve Leger dresses. They have about 30 dresses of varying colors, designs and lengths, but all have that signature banded style. They range from $100-$200 for 4 days, which is perfect for a weekend trip. With each dress order, you get to select 2 sizes. Best of all, if you rent one dress, the second (lower priced) one is $25! 

So here is a real-time review in multiple stages. Right now I am submitting my order for 2 Herve Leger dresses, both in shades of pink. 

Here are my choices:

"Guys Kind of Girl" Dress $160 + $5 insurance 

"Heartbreaker" Dress $125 (but effectively $25!) + $5 insurance

Sounds like a great deal right? And I think it is. One worry I have though is that these dresses have been rented and used maybe 20-30 times! How does it hold up with all that stretching and dry cleaning? I'm worried that they might be overstretch or not have that "sucking in" effect that Herve is known for. Oh well, only time will tell!


So for both dresses (and an extra bracelet I rented, yes you can rent jewelry too!) The total came out to $235.77! I will post Part 2 in the beginning of November when my dresses arrive!

Oh and don't forget to save! Enter 20OFFNEXT88YR3 on the promo box to save $20 off your next $100+ purchase and use eBates for 3.5% cash back!


Unif Dream Jumper Dress from Nasty Gal: Review and Alterations

I posted here about this gorgeous Unif Dream Jumper Dress when I purchased it from Nasty Gal online. The rainbow of shifting colors were beautiful and I loved the sheerness of the skirt as well as the length. The one qualm I had about it however, was the miniscule shorts underneath. I tried to think of a way to add a little more modesty to the dress.

First, here is the dress on me:

As you can see in the previous and next photos, the attached shorts underneath are REALLY tiny. They also bunch up in the crotch area, making me feel like I am wearing a diaper. Not flattering at all. 

So I decided to remove the shorts altogether. I was hoping to find a high waisted jersey skirt in a similar color, but to no avail. 

Instead I used a shaper skirt slip in a nude color underneath. I liked the formfitting style of the skirt as a contrast to the billowy maxiskirt layer.

Now I can confidently wear this dress out! I looks even more lovely in the sun as the material is slightly glimmery as well. I am wearing a size XS. The dress is still available at Nasty Gal in sizes XS, S and L. It is marked down from $148 to $74!

I paired this dress with gold flat ankle strap sandals and a gold crossbody bag. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!






UNIF Dream Jumper Dress 

I know, I know summer is pretty much over and I should be transitioning to fall favorites such as chelsea boots, velvet pants, sweaters and so on. But I'm hanging on to the last rays of summer, my favorite season. Luckily in LA, the weather hasn't chilled too much yet and wearing shorts out is still very much acceptable.

While studying (or not studying...) I chanced upon this dress by UNIF. It is a romper/maxi dress with a gorgeous watercolor gradient.

I love almost everything about it from the colors, flowy skirt shimmery fabric, cinched waist...except. How short is that romper underneath?! I think my underwear will show if I'm not careful! I've been trying to think of ways to cover up a little. I was thinking of just cutting the shorts part off and wearing a white/lavender skirt instead. What do you think? How would you fix this little caveat.

The dress is on sale on Nasty Gal here.

Thanks for reading!




Where to buy VEGAS DRESSES!

When summertime rolls around, along with it comes Vegas season, especially for youngins on their summer vacation. I love visiting Vegas, a mere 45 minute flight for me and am going 3 times within the next 2 months (overload, I know). One of my biggest stresses is finding a couple of dresses to wear for nights out in Marquee or XS. After much searching, I decided to compile a list of websites and stores where you can find appropriate clubbing attire.

Just a note, my style is a bit more "reserved" than many of the clubgoers. I also appreciate the styling and intricasies of a dress and do not just go for a sexy look. I'm not condemning any type of style, it is just my preference to wear one over the other.

Case in point:

I would wear this:

But probably NOT this:

Let's begin shall we?

1. Rent the Runway (

Want a designer dress without the designer price? Try this website! They send you 2 sizes (for the perfect fit) and you can borrow the dress for multiple days. I know that you won't be able to keep it, but who are we kidding, you won't be caught dead wearing the same dress twice! I kid of course. This site has a plethora of dresses and gowns, but the prices can be steep, ESPECIALLY for a one-time rental. They have a great selection of Herve Leger dresses if that is your style, usually up for rent for $150. Personally, this would not be my first choice for procuring a dress. Although they have great cocktail dresses, the styles may be a tad conservative for Vegas. If I needed a gown for an event however, I would definitely give this place a go. 

2. Cheaper retail stores like Forever 21, H&M, Zara and Express etc:

It's always good to keep more affordable options in mind, since some klutzy drunk fool might go around spilling his mojitos on your dress. I know that you might not find a sparkly stunner in these stores, so instead try to look for basics such as a thick knit peplum dress or a sequined skirt. Then use your fashion mojo to accessorize the heck out of your simple frock, that's half the fun after all right? Another plus, you can always find ways to recreate a look from a basic canvas so you can rewear your dress/skirt freely!


BCBG is one of my favorite dress brands, mostly because tailoring is very important to designer Max Azria thus his dresses fit me and a lot of other people I know very well. Additionally, his stores are very commonplace in outlet locations so you can definitely get a droolworthy dress for under $150 (and get to keep it too unlike Rent the Runway). Don't be afraid to try some last season styles for the savings. The designs are eternal anyway.

4. eBay

You'll be surprised how many thousands of dresses are up for sale on eBay, one of them has got to be the perfect one for you! A few words of warning. Try not to buy from sellers in Asia (there is a tickbox to select sellers by area) since the quality is VERY poor. I know that the tiny model might look amazing in that beaded lace dress, but trust me, you will be very unsatisfied by what you receive. I have been burned many times in the past. The material is very cheap and SO VERY SEE THROUGH! The seams are unevern and unraveling, just no. Save yourself the grief and the money. 


5. Prom Sites (, TJ Formals etc):

...Say what?! Prom sites? I know you aren't looking for a grand ballgown, but TRUST me. Many prom sites sell cocktail dresses that are very sexy and very Vegas. That purple sequined dress in the very beginning? Yup, prom site. They also have amazing sales that cut off 50%-70% off dress prices to make room for next year's styles. Still don't believe me? Here are my favorites (and I have already purchased some of them in prep for my Vegas trips):




See what did I tell you. Quite appropriate for Vegas no? Also, there are literally thousands of dresses if these weren't your style, there are so many more to choose from! Be forewarned, the dresses can cost anywhere between $100-$600 so try to look for sales ( has an amazing sale section. Final sale though so be careful!)

Hope this post saves you some time and Happy Dress Shopping Ladies!





ASOS Tulip Dress With Tie Back: A Review

Recently I have been drawn to the look of open back dresses. These frocks normally have a high and conservative front to balance out the scant fabric in the back. The dress allows an element of surprise. When looked at from the front, you seem covered and demure, however with a little twist, a taste of mischief is revealed. I also think that the back is a very sexy feature of a woman. It is usually cloaked, but when exposed the gentle curves of the back display the sensuality of a woman and not in a garrish sense. 

One dress that I found especially beautiful is one made my ASOS. I am a fan of the UK retailer. They carry a massive number of pieces on their website (in the tens of thousands!) and cater to different fashion genres. The prices aren't too bad either, especially when on sale. Their site also carries their own brand, which I also find appealing. Anyway, this is the dress I loved and ordered:

ASOS Tulip Dress With Tie Back (purchase here on sale for only $41)

Stock Images: It comes in Navy, Coral and Khaki


I ordered the dress in Navy and here it is on a hanger:



Now here is the dress on me. Please excuse the slippers.


The dress fits great and is true to size. It slims and minimizes the top area and balances it with an a-line skirt. The back isbeautiful with the draping fabrics, which doesn't dip too low. The material is flowy, similar to chiffon and the dress is layed with an opaque lining under the sheer and flowy top fabric. The dress nips tightly on the waist, but I don't mind. But for a little extra room, you would want to size up. In the photo I am wearing a US size 2 or a UK size 6. I would accessorize this dress with gold jewelry (I think navy and gold go well together) and either pink or gold heels. 

ASOS offers free shipping, but it takes an agonizing 2 full weeks to arrive. I have tried many of their UK brands and I am particularly fond of A|Wear, ASOS and Warehouse. I am not too fond of Lipsy as their outfits fit REALLY snug on the butt area and kinda poof out in the front, seeming phallic. 

Hope this was informative! I have a few more dresses coming soon so I'll do some updates and reviews on those! (Come on ASOS shipping! Hurry!)

Love, Kim


BCBG Dress Haul

Been shopping a little too much lately. Maybe I should make "Shop Less" a New Year's Resolution? Nahhh...

Love BGBG dresses. The fit of BCBG is lovely (most of the time) I prefer dresses that are more fitted on top with a flowy or looser skirt. I purchased a few cocktail dresses and a few day dresses! 

Here they are:

Not so keen on this one. I think I bought it just because it was on sale and was not hideous. I need to stop. Might sell this one on eBay

BCBG Dress

Tiered Yellow Dress. I'm not too much a fan of trapreze dresses, but I do love the sunny color of this one. 

BCBG Dress

I bought this one for the more conservative look. I can probably wear this one to work with a blazer.

BCBG Dress

A little plain, but it is in a pretty mint color. 

BCBG Dress

My absolute favorite one! Possibly my favorite dress in my closet right now! I love the fit of this dress, it hugs my upper torso and waist and flares into a fuller skirt. The beading is just gorgeous! And for less than $150 on sale from over $300! Someone invite me to a wedding or party so I can wear this!

BCBG Dress


This is a BGBGeneration dress. It fits like a glove and is very comfy due to the elastic waist! 

BCBGeneration Dress


Another BCBGeneration dress. It was a little big for me on the waist area, but nothing that a belt or ribbon can't fix!

BCBGeneration Dress


If you would like images of the tag or the style codes, please just leave a comment and I'll get to it right away!

I hope you enjoyed this reveal.

In future posts I'll post pictures of the fit when my photographer (BF) comes back from vacation! Hope you enjoyed!