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Zara and H&M Fitting Room Reviews: Fall Edition

Hello readers!

As a study break, I gave myself a couple of hours to return a damaged Zara dress and a little shopping. I headed to Century City Westfield mall to browse new arrivals, summer sales and to simply get a little sun. 

Here are some fitting room reviews. First up is Zara; I will try to put a stock photo up, when possible, along with my own fit photo for better comparison.

I tend to lean more toward Zara TRF due to the younger style and better fit for me in dresses, jeans and skirts. I love the regular Zara trousers, however.

Semi Push-Up Trousers in Burgundy (here)

Oxblood/burgundy is hot for Fall 2012. I like these pants, but didn't love it. I like jeans with a little more structure to hold in my inner thighs. These were quite stretchy. They fit well on the lower thighs and beyond. I am wearing a size 4. Did not purchase.

Semi Push Up Trousers in Olive (here)

For some strange reason this fit a little better. Still skipped on it though. I prefer the burgundy color.

Dress with Diamante Shoulders (here)

I love this dress! The silhouette is is quite flattering and curvy. I really like the clean and crisp white colors. Because the dress is tight, the more modest hem and sleeves are a welcome addition. These dresses run 1-2 sizes small. I am wearing a medium in this photo. Purchased.

Jacquard Tube Dress (here)

Cute with the jacquard/lace overlay, but a little too simple for me. I didn't like the cap sleeve length and grommet design. The color is similar to the stock photo, a deep forest green. I am again wearing a medium. Did not purchase.

Halter Neck Dress (here)

Zara Mid Heel With Ankle Strap (here)

When I saw this shoe online, I HAD to have it. The low heel is perfect for wearing during the day or for nights out when I want to give my feet a break from 4-5 inch heels. The nude color is very flattering and classic while the punk studded ankle straps presents a nice juxtaposition. It fits true to size.





Again with the burgundy pants. No bueno for me. The fit was unflattering on the hip area. I wore a size 6.

Sequin Dress

Oh my. Among a sea of knits and floral, this dress shined out like...well, sequins! I wasn't too sure about the blouseon cut because I generally like dresses that nip at the waist and flare out from there. I couldn't take my eyes off this dress! It was short, but since the top was more conservative, it was okay. The back is equally amazing! I love open back dresses and this one was no exception. I need a dress for Vegas anyway and I couldn't pass on this beauty. For H&M it was pretty pricey at $70. But it was well crafted, fully lined and sturdy unlike the cheaper stretchy sequin material. This is a size 2. Purchased.

Floral Dress

This dress was definitely cute and on sale for $20! The bodice was nice and snug, but the pencil bottom highlighted my pear shape. I passed on this one.

Floral Watercolor Skirt

A cute skirt to wear on brunches with either a simple mint sweater or a crisp sleeveless button down. I wore a size 4. Purchased.

Pink Shirtdress

The material is exceptionally thin. So thin that my undies were CLEARLY showing though so for decency's sake I found an obnoxious bow sticker to cover the goods. The shirt is cute in theory but is quite shapeless. You could belt it but the side slits are large (see in mirror) that the dress would become too short on the sides. Passed.

Well that concludes my study break! Hope you enjoyed this post!




And I'm back!

It's been 2 and a half months since my last post. I am just so swamped with school that I couldn't find time to dress up and write up new posts, especially because my board exams are coming yikes!

Well I needed a break and am heading to New York for the weekend. My classy friend loves tea, so we are heading to Lowell for afternoon tea and sandwiches. She begged me not to wear jeans and a tee, so I decided to swank it up a little. 

This outfit is floral and still summery (I love the spring and summer months) and the best part is that not one of the pieces costs over $35 yay!

Here it is:

Top: Forever 21 Love 21 silk top

Bottom: H&M Floral pencil skirt

Shoes: Bamboo Pink Suede Pumps

Here I added a Kate Spade bag:

And with flats and a Zara blazer

Sorry for the blurry pictures! Ordered the new iPhone so hopefully they will be clearer! :)

Thanks for reading everyone! Missed you all!

Love, Kim


Outfit of the Day: Neon and Lace

For a lunch out with a friend, I wanted to match the sunny LA weather with an equally cheery outfit. Though sunny, it was a tad cold outside (68 degrees? I know I am spoiled by this weather) so I decided to go with a sweater. Since there was a lot of color and texture going on with my outfit I kept the shoes and bag neutral. Here is my outfit of the day:

Top: J Crew Factory V Neck Sweater

Bottom: H&M Lace Skirt

Scarf: H&M Neon Scarf

Shoes: Nine West Hula Sandal in Tortora (Beige)

Bag: Chanel Jumbo in Beige Claire

Thanks for reading!




H&M Sale!

I decided to stop by a mall while on the way back from San Diego. Not many of the stores stood out so I headed to H&M, always a safe bet. I was happy to discover that they were having a sale. A pair of shorts for $5? Yes please! I found a few nice things, most were not on sale, but still under $30. H&M is my go-to store along with Zara for trying new trends on the cheap!

Here's what I tried on and purchased:

Jersey Lace Skirt: 

This stretchy skirt with silver trims was marked down to 7 bucks! I normally don't go for thin and stretchy skirts because they show underwear lines and other shapely irregularities. But with the right underwear, I could definitely see myself wearing this. Purchased!

H&M Lounge Trousers

After trying Zara's extremely flattering satin lounge pants, I am obsessed. I decided to give this pair a try. It was marked down to $12 if I remember correctly. The fit was terrible. The fabric bunched up in the abdominal area and gave me a little pooch. I also like my lounge trousers slim (not tight) and this pair was too loose for my liking. Passed.

H&M Neon Coral Skirt

So remember my love for J Crew's Neon Persimmon jean color? Well it hasn't waned a bit! I like the mini length of the skirt, which is short, but not overly so. I plan to pair this with an easy chambray skirt for the day and something sparkly for the night! Purchased.

H&M Flippy Lace Skirt

I know I already reviewed this piece in my last post, but I was excited to find this skirt in my size! The XS hugged my waist a lot better than the S and I had to snap it up! Purchased.


Thanks for reading!




Massive H&M Fitting Room Review and New Arrivals

H&M is my go-to store for trying new trends that might come and go quickly. The quality may leave much to be desired but the designs are usually very modern and fashion forward. This is a review from the Century City H&M in LA and the massive one in SF.

Surprisingly I cannot get enough of H&M twill pants. They are similar to denim, but the fabric seems to be more tightly spun much like J. Crew's colored skinnies. The rise of the H&M pants is slightly higher than other brands, a feature that I love. They tend to run quite small though. I usually wear a size 6, but on occasion may fit into a size 4. Anyhoo, enough talking and let's get started:

Mint Green Shorts:

I am really into the mint color right now and the shade is really popular for the summer! These denim shorts were only available in a size 6 and were too loose on me. Also the bottom sort of flares out and I like a more thigh skimming fit. Did not purchase this one.

Blue Lace Stretch Skirt

This skirt was very pretty and quite flattering despite the thin stretchy material. However, it was too large and there were no smaller sizes. I think that this was a 6. Did not purchase.

Swiss Dot Dress

Man, oh man. I really wanted this dress to work out. I love the super cute swiss dot mesh overlay on the dress. The cut was great as it was a fit and flare dress. To my ultimate chagrin, this dress was the smallest one they had left in a size 4. I envy the lucky lady who was able to snag the smaller size. Did not purchase. :(

Pink Top + Black Pants

I'm not really sure how I should have tied the ribbons. They were initially just strands hanging on each side from the front and back so I just tied them together. It came out to a weird effect. Did not purchase the top, but loved the pants and did buy those.

Floral Skirt + Sleeveless Top

I was eyeing this skirt in the online catalog for a while now. I loved the fit and the design of the skirt. I am wearing a size 4 in this picture and as someone who is proportionally more hippy, this skirt fit quite well and wasn't too tight in the butt area. Purchased! (Finally!)

Lace Flippy Skirt

Again I wanted this skirt to work out so much. I love the A-line, skater shape of the skirt and the length was appropriate. Unfortunately, XS was not available so I am trying out small in the image. The skirt sat lower on the hips and meh, couldn't make it work. 

I held back the extra fabric to see what it would look like and I was impressed. I prefer skirts that nip at the waist and flare at the hips. However, to pay $20+ for alterations for a $20 skirt is definitely not worth it. Skipped, sadly.

White Slacks

This is similar to the J. Crew Cafe Capri, but is a tad wider towards the bottom cuff. It was cute and part of the conscious collection, but I passed. This pair is a size 4. I find their slacks to run 1 size smaller than the jeans/pants.

Lilac Denim

This came in a variety of pretty pastel colors. I grabbed the size 6 but it was a tad ill-fitting around the crotch and knee area due to excessive bunching. Was too lazy to grab a smaller size so skipped on this one.

Pants in Navy

This is similar to the black pair pictured above (with the pink tank) in a size 6. I think I have every color in this style (2 in black). I purchased this one because you cannot have too many pairs of flattering dark pants!

Thanks for reading and I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, please ask!




Outfit of the Day: A Pop of Pink

For a recruitment fair out in the lawns, I wanted to dress appropriately for the warm weather, yet be a tad more professional than my regular day's wear. I also wanted to infuse my outfit with a little bit of fun with hot pink studded smoking flats. 

Top: Ann Taylor Georgette Bib Sleeveless Shirt (here)

Bottoms: H&M Trousers with belt

Shoes: Dolce Vita

Bangle: Kate Spade

I loved the looser fit of the trousers, which made for a very comfortable pair. Sleeveless blouses are my summer go-to's. They go with everything!

Hope you enjoyed!





H&M Fitting Room Reviews and Happy Easter!

H&M is my go-to store for trying out more trendy pieces before fully investing into the style. I am now listing the clothing size (something that I shied away from for the longest time) to give more information about the clothing. Additionally, I am 5'5" for reference. 

Here's what I tried on:

Light Pink Pencil Skirt with Belt (Size 4)

I don't remember the exact price, it was between $24.99-$29.99. I thought the skirt was pretty cute, but I tend to move away from skirts and dresses that hug the hips. I prefer a fitted bodice with a billowy skirt. I did not purchase. 

Blue Pleated Trouser with Belt (Size 4)

I was hesitant to try these pants on because I wasn't sure if the pleating was going to add bulk to my hip area. To my very pleasant surprise, it actually slimmed that region! I also like that these trousers were loose fitting in the thigh and hip, which made for a very comfortable pair of pants. The ends fit snugly above my ankles. They retailed for $34.99 I think. In retrospect I should have asked for more colors. 

I am loving H&M pants! I always thought that jeans and trousers are pieces to splurge on because they are closet staples, but H&M has been making great fitting pants for me that I have to rethink my theory. I haven't had most of them for long, so I don't know if they will stand the test of time (My Lucky jeans have been with me for 3-5 years now). Needless to say, I purchased these pants. 

Sleeveless Shirt/Tunic

I am stocking up on sleevess shirts for the summer and am sticking to whites and neutrals. I purchased (too) many bright and embellished skirts that would pair well with a simple top. This top was average. It looked like it would wrinkle easily and was a tad sheer, but it was under $15 and I plan to tuck it into some skirts and shorts. Purchased.

Pretty good day for H&M. I have solidified my love for their pants and can't wait to return to check out more. 

And..Happy Easter to you all! I wish you a wonderful day filled with joy and family. 

Thanks for reading!



Hawaii Day 4: Fashion


Hat: Forever 21

Dress: H&M

Bikini: ASOS Cityscape Bikini (here)

Bag: Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch

Shoes: ASOS Flamingo Sandals



Dress: A|Wear Fishtail dress from ASOS

Blazer: BDG Blazer from Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Celine Wedges

Bag: Chanel Jumbo

My last day in Hawaii. :( Can't wait to return!