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J Crew Brick and Mortar Sal

Because I was feeling especially down during the cleanse, the BF convinced me to hit up J Crew and check out some of the new and sale items. This is a review of the Century City location sale section.

The sale area was pretty stocked. There were tons of No. 2 pencil skirts in purple, paisley, green, lime and blue. There were also some Blythe blouses in purple for $59.99, but only in size 6's and 10's. Here is what I tried on:

J Crew Blythe Blouse in Silk Pebble Dot:

Not really fond of the print. Passed.

J Crew Natasha Top

Fell in love with this top after receiving the green color. Purchased.

J Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt:


Meh, the skirt was snug on the hips, but loose on the waist. Skipped.

J Crew Postage Stamp Mini in Big Apple:


I really liked the bright color of this skirt. Perfect for the summer. The length was great too! Purchased.

Overall, pretty good sale section. Sales associates were kinda snooty today though. 





Outfit of the Day: Red, White and Blue

I wanted to test my new J Crew Schoolboy jacket so I tried to built an outfit around the blazer. Since it is such a vibrant cherry color, I decided to keep the rest of my outfit semi-neutral. 

(Please excuse the sorry state of my dorm room. It's final exam time, hence the mess)

Blazer: J Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Wool Flannel (here)

Top: J Crew Ribbon Cami

Plain White Tank Top

Pants: Charlotte Russe

Flats: Tory Burch Reva

Purse: Chanel Jumbo

Thanks for reading!




J Crew 30% Sale Reviews! 

After a long week wait, my J Crew shipment has arrived. Since they had a 30% off on final sale last week, I couldn't resist browsing the pages. There were quite a few cute pieces on sale. So without further ado, let's start! For reference I am 5'5".

Until April 20th, 2012: Use the code MUSTHAVE to get 30% off all final sale!

J Crew Sasha Maxi Dress in Skinny Stripe: (here)

Stock Photo:


On me:


I am really into maxi dresses for the summer. The silhouette is very flattering and you can't get any more comfy than maxi dresses outside of pajamas! This dress has very narrow stripes that are easier to wear than wide stripes. I really love the style of the dress. It is fitted on top and cinches at the smallest part of my waist. Then follows a slight flare on the hips. Finally the skirt falls straight down, similar to a column fit. J Crew used the perfect amount of fabric to make the dress slim, but not clingy. The length works for me. I am 5'5" and it falls slightly above my ankle. I think it would also work for ladies 2" under and over my height. The back has a cute keyhole feature. It is still available for $69.99 - 30%! 

J Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Wool Flannel, Marachino Cherry: (here)

Stock Photo:

On me:



Important: The color of the jacket is more blue-toned and less tomato-y than the pictures suggest. It is very similar to the stock photo color.

Yet another Schoolboy to add to my collection. I rarely wear cardigans anymore as they have been replaced with blazers. I love the fit of the Schoolboy and this blazer fits me the same as the others (navy, linen). This is the brightest jacket I own (well, aside from the bright pink one that I never wear) and I was hesistant to buy it, but the price was just too good! $70 (after discount) for this gem! A red blazer is the new blue jeans for me, it matches almost anything! My FAVORITE detail of the blazer is the striped lining in the sleeves making the rolled-up loop much more attractive! The jacket is pretty lightweight, much more so than the Hacking jacket.

J Crew Natasha Top, Gallery Green (here)

Stock Photo:

On Me:



Important: Color is more vibrant and saturated than the stock photo and my photos suggest. it is closest in color to the hue depicted in the "Label" photo

I've wanted this top since it debuted in the "New Arrivals" section of J Crew. Summer's a-coming and sleeveless blouses are my new staple. This blouse fits perfectly and is quite slimming. Green is my favorite color so it couldn't get any better...or could it? $59.99-30%? Yes please! I'm planning on getting it in a slew of other colors. Once downside, it is dry clean only and I don't know if I have enough time to go to the dry cleaners 3-4 times a month. Hmm...risk it with a hand wash?

J Crew Vintage Cotton Long Sleeve V-Neck Tee in Stripe

Stock Photo:

On Me:


A little snug, especially on the shoulders, but I like the fit on the torso. Too late now, as the items are final sale. This is a very simple top, but it was on sale for $4.99 + 30%, I just had to pick it up for a few dollars.

Well, that concludes this picture heavy review. I hope you enjoyed and hope that this post was useful to you!




Outfit of the Day

Today I dressed down for the warmer weather. I topped my outfit with a tweed jacket to add a touch of dressiness. I'm glad spring is here as the shorts, dresses ad skirts that I have accrued throughout the winter/early spring shopping can come into rotation!

Top: H&M Sleeveless Blouse

Bottom: Zara shorts (similar here)

Jacket: J Crew Confetti Tweed Jacket (here

Shoes: Tory Burch Revas

Thanks for reading!



J Crew and Ann Taylor Tops Review

Some new pieces came in the mail and I'd like to share some images and fit reviews with you.

First J Crew. 

I bought the J Crew Coralie Top off eBay since it is sold out online. I liked the flowy nature of the blouse, which pairs well with skinny pants and shorts. I tried tucking in the tip, but it looks leagues better when left untucked. The copious ruffles that adorn just the front add a little bit of bulk to the frame, but when matched with a more tight fitting bottom, it lends a relaxed vibe. The fit is ho-hum. I purchased a size 0, but it is a little too large on me, but since the seller does not accept returns, I'll make do. Is it just me or does J Crew size TOO generously on their tops? I really like the top. Maybe I'll try to hunt down a 00 if they exist. 

Stock photo:

Coralie Cami (Size 0)

Light pink material:

Next up, a couple of Ann Taylor tops I bought during the 40% off sale.

First up is the Keyhole Shell in Pale Almond. This top looked great on the website. It was slimming, sleek and fun. I could definitely see myself wearing this at work and to class. To my dismay, the size 0 was only available in the Tall size, so I bit the bullet and ordered it since I loved it so much in theory. Well it came and looked awful on me. It was much too loose on the waist area, where it should be quite fitted for the slimming effect. I don't think this top comes in 00 and the smallest size on their website is a 2 in Tall. I'm not sure if this top is so large because of the Tall sizing, but I have to return it. Sadly.

Stock photo:

Keyhole Shell in Pale Almond (Size 0 Tall)

On to the last top, another Ann Taylor. I don't actually own a nice sleeveless blouse and have been wanting one for a while to match the too many skirts I bought. Well this blouse definitely caught my eye. It was simple and classic, but with subtle embellishments (pleating) to still make it special and unique. The fit was GREAT! It was very slimming and skimmed over my torso. I can wear this shirt untucked with shorts or tucked with skirts. The neck and armholes fit well. No complaints here. Thinking of buying an extra one since this is a closet staple. 

Stock photo:

Georgette Bib Sleeveless Shirt in White (Size 0)

So final verdict? Keeping the J Crew Coralie Cami (no choice!) and the Ann Taylor Georgette Bib Sleeveless Shirt. Returning Ann Taylor the Keyhole Shell.

Thanks for reading!




J Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Tipped Linen

Today I am going to do a review on the J Crew Schoolboy Blazer in Tipped Linen. I love the Schoolboy shape and actually prefer it to the Hacking, which sort of flares out at the hips for me. I was looking for a more summery blazer and linen is quite the summery textile. The jacket is composed of ivory/cream colored linen and tipped with grosgrain. The buttons are covered in black grosgrain as well. The color is stated as "Flax"

This jacket matches the sizing of all other schoolboy blazers and fits identically. For reference I am 5'5" and wear a size 0 in the Schoolboy style. 

Here come the pictures:

What I love about this blazer is it's casual vibe. I just threw it on my work outfit for the day, but I really plan to wear it with shorts and sandals. Even though it is casual, it will certainly dress up denim shorts during summer days. 

One gripe I have is that the linen easily wrinkles, especially in the elbow crease area (cubital fossa) as you can definitely tell in the pictures. 

But it was a good buy and, I do love my Schoolboy jackets!

Thank you for reading and I hope this entry was helpful!




J Crew Sale Skirts

This review is for J Crew in Century City. The sale section was average with a few cute pieces and lots of sizes. There were a lot of knit tops in a rainbow of colors, but what really drew my attention was the skirts on sale. I chose 3 to try on. Just a preface, I prefer a line skirts that nip at the waist and flow forgivably over the hips, giving one an hourglass shape. And who doesn't love a sale! I find myself buying more during a sale than when shopping at regular prices. :(

Anywhoo, here are the skirts I picked out. Images of the tags will be included for reference.

J Crew Sparkler Skirt in Tinsel Lace in Sandstone Silver (here)

Loved this skirt! It is sparkly, super important, but refined enough for day wear. Purchased. 

This skirt was priced at $59.99 but rang up for $39.99 and I paid around $36 with tax and student discount included. Score! It is still at $99.99 online so if you can find it in stores, you could save $60. :)

J Crew Crinkle Chiffon Skirt in Warm Peacock (here)

The color of the skirt is a little greener than the pictures suggest. The skirt was cute and had an a-line shape. I just wish it were a little shorter. It is available online, but is not yet on sale. However, petite lengths are sold online with a 2" shorter hemline. Did not purchase.

J Crew Postage Stamp Mini in Confetti Tweed (here)

I have the matching jacket (review here), so I decided to try on the skirt. There were quite a few sizes in these. The skirt was very cute and quite flattering despite the tighter cut at the hips. I decided not to purchase because I have too many tweedy skirts and can't see myself wearing the matching set to any occasion. Kind of regretting my decision.

Not too bad on the sale section. Again quite a few good things. There was a yellow peacoat that caught my eye, but alas none in my size. Tops were blah, no silk shirts aside from the blue dotted Blythe. New arrivals were COLORFUL. Amazing shirts and shorts everywhere!

Thanks for reading.




J Crew Confetti Tweed Jacket Review

I've been craving for a tweed jacket for a long while now. I think the textured material is beautiful and is a statement piece in itself. I always dreamt of pairing a Chanel tweed jacket with a white T and jeans. But that is for another time, when I start earning my own paychecks. 

J Crew has been coming out with quite a few, as they like to call it "novelty" jackets with tweed being well represented. I didn't actually buy this jacket, my aunt got it for me on a whim as she tries to get me to dress preppier. No arguments from me here! I love preppy outfits, especially when given an edgy, unexpected vibe. So here she is, the J Crew Confetti Tweed Jacket:

First a stock photo:

Hanging unbuttoned:

J Crew Confetti Tweed Jacket

Hanging buttoned:

J Crew Confetti Tweed Jacket

Fringed pockets and gold buttons

J Crew Confetti Tweed Jacket

Navy blue lining:

J Crew Confetti Tweed Jacket

On me unbuttoned:

J Crew Confetti Tweed Jacket

On me buttoned:

J Crew Confetti Tweed Jacket

Overall I really like the jacket. The length is cute with the cropped body and bracelet length sleeves. The tweed, if you looked closely, is an amalgamation of at least 10 different colors, but is an overall pinkish hue. 

Fit wise, I purchased it in 1 size larger than my Schoolboy size and the same size as Hacking jackets. The shoulders, like most J Crew jackets are a tad large on me. Does anyone have a solution to that? I'm worried if I buy a petite size, the jacket will be too short. 

One thing that I do not like about the jacket is the button style. It looks quite cheap, sort of like gold painted metal. I wished they had gone with a more sculpted style like those of their other jackets. 

At $278, this piece isn't cheap, but it definitely can define an outfit and works with both jeans, skirts and shorts.

Will definitely keep this jacket, it is a a nice addition to my J Crew jacket obsession and is a little different from the blazers.

Thank's for reading and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!