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Memorial Day Shopping Part 2: Bloomingdales Dresses and More! (Plus discounts...)

So for the second part of this series, I'd like to share my Bloomingdales experience and haul.

Let me preface that by saying, I had never shopped at Bloomingdales. I find their selection less impressive than Saks of NM. Plus they don't carry Christian Louboutin or Chanel. But I stopped by today, just to see what they had in store. I acutally planned to buy these dresses even without knowing the possible discounts. First you get a $50 gift card for every $200 receipt you spend. Plus I got an extra 20% off because I opened a Bloomingdales store card with them today. I think I saved over $200 and I was ecstatic! This promo runs until tomorrow, so if you read this in time, I hope you get your discounts! 

Now on to the wares. I've been pretty stressed lately with school, applying for residency and recent breakup :(. So what better way to get back on my feet with a little retail therapy. I am going to Vegas twice in July, so I'll need some dresses to glam it up!

P.S. Bloomingdales your dressing rooms are so dirty! There were stains all over the carpet and a rolled up tissue paper on the floor (which is in pretty much all my pictures eh...)

Parker Shelby Dress $275 -- Size XS



This dress is everything!!! I love prints, especially done in bright colors. Sometimes it can get overwhelming and too "beachy", but the black piping adds a little edge to the dress and makes it more appropriate for nights out. I also love the fit and flare cut of this dress with the halter style top. It is extremely comfortable as well, which is rare for a clubby-type dress. The material is light, but sturdy with a little stretch. 

BUT and a huge BUT... was that the dress was too roomy on the waist area. As you all know, I like showing off my waist the most and this was a dealbreaker for me. However, alterations were called down and this grumpy old man helped fix the dress! I don't care if he was grumpy, if he has the skills to fix my dress I am A-OK with him!

Here are a few more pictures of the large waist and the pins taking the waist in.



Crisis averted for an extra $35. Hope it turns out well! I am really in love with this dress!

MILLY Strappy Dress in Astr $295 -- Size 0

I was not expecting to get this dress. I tried it on for "funsies." I mean look at it, it looks like your typical run-of-the-mill blue sundress that you can get anywhere right? Wrong. I was wrong. First, the quality of the fabric is second to none. It is weighty and very soft. And it fits like a dream. This dress hugs you snugly on the torso, sucks you in with boning and flares out. But it doesn't just flare out like a simple A-line. There are pleats and extra fabric to create a more voluminous skirt. Unbelievable. Like a subdued ballerina. The second I tried it on, I thought to myself, "Uh-oh, I'm going to need this."

Quick note: This dress is not the same color as in the stock picture. The blue is a little darker and the stripes are very fine, more like a narrow pinstripe pattern. 

No alterations needed on this baby, purchased!

Aqua Stripe Lace Full Skirt Dress $128 -- Size XS

I really liked the striped pattern alternating with lace. There is a lining underneath, but the dress remains a tad sheer. I think it would work with nude undergarments. It fit pretty well, but after trying on the dress before, I could not pull the trigger on this one. Passed.

Aqua Crochet Dress $88 -- Size XS

This dress was very stretchy and poorly made. There was no structure to it whatsoever and if I wear this out to eat anything this will probably show a little pooch. Passed.

Overall an excellent shopping day at Bloomies! I wanted to get some shoes as well, but I'm saving my dough for Sak's amazing shoe sale! Its going on now for all designers (30% off) and Chanel and CL will go on sale in 1-2 weeks from now. I'll keep you updated!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!