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Review: Sephora by OPI Chic Prints for Nails and Sally Hansen Salon Effects

In preparation for Vegas, I wanted to decorate my nails bright and sparkly. I purchased Sephora's Chic Prints For Nails - Nail Appliques a few weeks back as they were on sale for $5 per pack. The designs were absolutely gorgeous and I picked the Gold Star design to apply. It seemed simple enough. Just warm the sticker and attach to nail. File of the excess and voila! Beautiful golden nails with embossed stars! Right? Wrong! These were impossible to apply. The sticker does not stretch or flex so it does not contour to your nail, forming bubbles and folds. The adhesive is literally like a sticker and does not adhere to nails very well. And filing the excess? Even with a metal file, the sticker would not break. I had to use a nail clipper to cut of the extra length. I am extremely disappointed in this product and even more disappointed in myself for buying so many of them. Here are some pictures to explain my frustration:

Stay away from this product. I still wanted my nails done so I raided my nail drawer for another polish or pattern. I found my Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips and decided to try them on. 

The Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips were wonderful and very easy to apply. The strips were very flexible and stretched to fit the nail without bubbles and dents. The excess was easy to file off and the appliques that were once flexible hardened to adhere to the nail. Amazing! They also give 16 strips, 8 in each mini containter and I only used one set of them for both hands. The strips are pretty long and one of them can be used for both nails if your tips aren't too long. Here are my pictures and results.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in 140 Check it Out, a houndstooth pattern

I only showed one set of 8 strips in the next image:

Not too shabby eh? 

And of course being me and in Vegas-mode, I had to add my little touch of sparkle somewhere so I topped the applique off with silver glitter tips care of Milani Jewel FX in 533 Silver

Not to bad. The whole process took around 20 minutes. I layered a coat of clear polish to help the manicure last longer. So in summary, Sephora Chic Prints for Nails: NO WAY and for Sally Hansen Salon Effects: a resounding YES!




Thirty-Three to V.I.B.

I used to spend a lot on makeup and Sephora was my favorite stop. This past year however, my focus has shifted to bags and clothing. I still had many of my essentials (UD Primer Potion, Bloom Liquid Eyeliner etc, - more on my essentials in another post) so I shopped sparingly, just replacing them once in a while. Then I got an email from Sephora stating that I was $33 away from V.I.B. (Very Important Beauty?) status. I definitely do not remember spending over $300 in Sephora this year. I looked back at my account and it did add up. Makeup is sure expensive! But I thought to myself "Why not go for V.I.B.?" 

I couldn't find any makeup I liked so I decided to go for nail products. I really liked Sally Hansen's Salon Effects Strips. They worked really well for me and were easy to apply. A beezy to take off though. So I thought I would try Sephora by OPI Chic Prints for Nails (here). They were on sale for $7 and were an extra 20% off with the code EXTRA. I'll post a review on the strips when they come. Here is what I got:

 GLEE Gold Stars:

GLEE Musical Notes:

Polka Dot:

Silver Skulls:


I really wanted the Chrome Lace pattern, but it was out of stock. Pooh. Oh and don't forget to check out the sale section at Sephora (here) and enter EXTRA for 20% more off!